Long and Clear Career Path

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If you excel at work, then trusted in functional or structural positions – you will get 2 advantages: job allowances increase, while echelons also increase over time. No need to worry stuck in the job. If you have reached your maximum point in an agency, the Civil Service Agency may be able to turn you to other agencies that require your abilities. So, still want to assume the job as a Government Employee is a minimal challenge? Therefore it immediately lists in direct gov jobs.

Who says Government Officer can now go on foot in the office? Under the coordination of the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucracy Reform, the current performance of Government Employees is heavily monitored both in terms of working hours and achievement of performance targets for each period. Times have changed. Now Government Employee is no longer a well-known profession with casual work and can eat a blind monthly salary. There has been a clear reward and punishment system for Government Employees who are absent from their work obligations. The work system of Government Employees has now become more professional, not even different from other private sector jobs.