Drive-In Pallet Rack

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Drive-In Shelf Rack gives most extreme stockpiling limit utilizing least space. It is ideal for putting away homogeneous items in vast amounts. The Drive-In pallet racking or Double Access framework comprises of a nonstop rack track with just a single load and single load passage. Stacking and emptying are finished by a method for adjusting or truck down their particular ways into the racks. The Drive-In rack works on the First-In-Last-Out (FILO) framework, as it is reasonable for items put away in adequate volume to ask for different ways to guarantee stock turn.

Points of interest of the Drive-In Racket; Operating under the standard of First-In-Last-Out (FILO), putting away homogeneous items with expansive amounts, great item assurance, 60% utilization of net bed region for whole distribution center region, repetition palette can reach up to 30% Different item sorts are put away. Most appropriate for; For makers of items created in clumps, or in distribution center operations where there are constrained item sorts and beds can not be securely blocked and stacked.