Determine the Right Time to Do the Wisdom Dental Surgery

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The wisdom teeth often cause problems. However, do not be in a hurry. Know what conditions require the wisdom tooth surgery. It is called the wisdom teeth because this tooth is the last to appear. Generally the wisdom tooth growth at the age of 17-25 years.

The wisdom teeth are often referred to as third molars. If the tooth grows normally and without interruption, it is not necessary to do wisdom tooth surgery. In this condition, the wisdom teeth can be cleaned and do not interfere with other dental hygiene.

The problem that often happens is the wisdom teeth do not get enough room to grow. This can then trigger problems because the teeth can not grow normally. The abnormal position of wisdom teeth, among others, grows tilted forward or backwards, lying down, or just half out. Wet tooth surgery depends on the condition. The Wisdom Teeth Extraction can be performed by a dentist or also recommended to a dental surgeon.